University of Augsburg Investigates 3D Measurement

University of Augsburg Investigates 3D Measurement

Without foundations, there can be no fashion.

University of Augsburg investigates 3D measurement as the new gold standard for wound measurement using GPC’s 3D Wound Measure application R&D is at the heart of our software innovation. We work with likeminded partners and clients to constantly develop and better our innovative software products. We have been partnering with the University of, Germany to investigate how 3D Wound Measure can provide gold standard for the healthcare industry especially during the coronavirus crisis.

When the University of Augsburg wanted to investigate the advantages of accurate measurement using 3D technology they turned to GPC and their 3D Measurement software for Wound Measure. Doctor Dominik Liebetrau from the University has been using the software for his own studies to prove that “If an amputation cannot be avoided, an open amputation is primarily carried out on infected wounds (skin continuity is not present). In order to be able to record the healing process, the wound volume as a three-dimensional structure represents an objective parameter. Currently, this can only be determined with the help of liquids (filling the wound up to skin level).”

Leading the way by utilising this innovative 3D technology, the team at the University of Augsburg have been utilising the instant dimensioning measurement software to decrease patients long term damage and risk of amputation. “In cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science / Institute for IT Infrastructures for Translational Medical Research at the University of Augsburg, the use of RealSense / 3d-cameras is to be investigated as part of the study in order to replace the previous two dimensional wound documentation as a gold standard. Using GPC Wound Measure the wound volume can be determined and documented in the course. The aim is to check whether the use of the 3D camera in everyday clinical practice can improve the objectification of the healing process” which so far has proved successful.

GPC’s Wound Measure software is developed to support clinicians remotely measuring all types of wounds from pressure ulcers to major surgery such as, amputation by instantly gathering measurements and volumetrics of a wound with a single 3D image. To find out more information please get in touch


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